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Felix Student Success Story

Student Success Story – Machine Learning has made me more confident in the course of life – Rohit, Felix-ITs

Life is all about ups and downs, yet you need to be a warrior at some point in time and find a way forward.

Yet another story of one of our students who has successfully emerged from his surgery and chose machine learning – data science as a career but received more than just a career.

Here’s what Rohit has to say about his experience at Felix-ITs and his journey in the course of machine learning.

Like the one from our student Sagar’s story, we decided to ask Rohit a couple of questions, and here’s what he has to say…

What is your professional background?

I had been working as a team leader in an IT company and I was a technology expert. While on my way to the office one fine day, I had a major accident where I was rushed to the ICU and had to undergo major surgery on both of my legs. I thought I will lose all my movements and went into depression. For at least 4 months, I was suggested bed rest and suddenly I lost my job due to my unavailability in a project.

I decided to change the whole stream of my career and wasted another 2 months in my life. But a course page I came across while I was just Googling opportunities in my field, I came across Felix’s machine learning course and started searching more about this field. It seemed interesting as I knew the basics of data analytics. Visited the Felix-ITs office and signed up for the course instantly. Now after my course, I am working as a performance analyst at a major bank.

Why did you choose Felix-ITs?

I never knew Felix-ITs was into machine learning too. So, I decided to visit the institute and discuss the whole course. The representative was aware of all my common questions as this field was new to me and showed promising solutions to all my questions. I had faith in the field, I developed my faith in Felix-ITs.

What did you like most about the program?

Aside from simply giving course material and incredible course sessions the Felix-ITs team handles every learner with great enthusiasm, industry presentation, and major help from the program faculty and crew. In general, it’s a stunning learning experience with the summit of various methods of learning.

How was the course structured to help learners from your background?

Like any other student from a non-technical background, I was not so much skeptical and concerned about the course but yes, methodologies, processes, and languages were new to me. The staff, tutors, and program supervisors upheld and guided us well indeed and tackled every one of our questions to guarantee we all gain proficiency with all the ideas independent of the educational or professional background. I had only heard about the concept of machine learning or python but with this course, I have developed confidence that even in the newest field to me, I can master the things and I am now a successful professional in a bank where I’m now working on a very complex project.

How has this course helped you during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many of my previous colleagues lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and although I was a fresher in this field, my skills helped me survive in the industry. I have not lost my job and I thank the Felix team for preparing for the worst. I survived, I hope other students/learning will too. Things are tough nowadays but proper skills and confidence can make you survive in the darkest times. Felix-ITs has made me super confident with this course.

Any message for future applicants?

The only thing I might want to state is, if you are from a technical background or non-technical, the only thing that matters is you give your time and commitment. Hard work pays off, concentrate on your learnings now and you’ll rise high.

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